Symphony Orchestra

In this music and fun filled show, CH becomes your guide to everything you always wanted to know about an orchestra, but were afraid to ask !

G Rossini “William Tell overture » 5 min
(or any overture of your choice)

C.M. von Weber : Concerto pour Clar No 1 7 min
(Excerpt of clarinet concerto, CH cell rings – then CH explains the “Rules”)

B. Britten “Young person’s guide to the orchestra ” 25min
(Meet the orchestra – with a fun new narration by CH)


A. Rozankovitch: “Variations for Stand up comic and orchestra” 20min
(Brand new symphonic work to present the instruments of the orchestra)

W.A. Mozart Clarinet concerto 1st movt 8 min
(With intro: My life as a clarinet nerd)

J.S. Bach BWV 1068 “Air G String” 3 min
(What musicians are thinking while they play)

J. Strauss “Radetzky Marche” 3 min
(Do we really even need a conductor ??!
Audience member conducts orchestra)

TOTAL 1st Half: 50 min


W.A. Mozart : 2nd movt Clarinet concerto 7 min

Questions from the audience : 4 min
Why are all the musicians dressed in Black ?
Is there any way to open my candy without making noise ?
Do you really need a conductor ? ETC

Beethoven Symphonie no. 5 (Extrait) 7 min
“Les 5 sortes de Chef d’orchestre!”

“History of music in 10 min”
(All pieces can be exchanged as long as they fit the period)
Excerpts from :
-Medieval: Veni Creator Spiritus / Chant:Orchestra sings) 1 min
-Baroque: Handel Water Music 3 min
-Classical: Mozart 40th (1st mov’t excerpt) 2 min
-Romantic: Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliette (excerpt) 3 min
-Modern: Stravinsky Sacre (excerpt) 2 min
-Contemp: J. Cage 4’33 (arr clar+orch) 1 min
(CH does a little intro for each period) 12 min

W.A. Mozart 3ième Movt Concerto Clar 7 min
CH becomes the « Soloist » to finish the concert off with flare !

TOTAL 2nd half 40 min

CH can also perform the Weber concerto no. 1 in place of the Mozart.